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yet another facility

I'm now in a Long Term Acute Care facility... can we say woohoo?

Actually, compared to the 'old' (traditional) hospital I was transferred from, I actually feel like I'm regaining my health here, although I do have to pay attention to what's being done on my behalf on the day-to-day, care-giver level. Case in point... I received some pain meds the other day directly into my PIC line (a semi-permanent IV line I've got installed to make the day-to-day injections and blood draws easier) and as soon as the meds were injected... the administering nurse walked away. I called to her, asking why she wasn't flushing the line after giving the meds (this gives the meds... or whatever... a push past the actual line and into the vein). Her response... I already diluted the injection (meaning that she was giving the appropriate 1mg instead of 1.5 mg) so a flush isn't required.

WTF? Maybe they insist on working my mind as well as my body by playing these type of games with me. If that's the case... it's a strategy that seems to be working well as I'm really paying attention to damn-near everything now... but what if I miss it too? :(

Time passes. Overall, things are getting better... so until later!

t85225 at 12:09 p.m.


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